Boezetti Packaging manufactures a range of low density polyethylene zip which is used in the manufacture of zipper bags in many forms. The most popular being the stand up pouches. This zipper is known around the world as zip, zipper, zipper tape or zipper string.

The zip is extruded using virgin LDPE, reason for this is that it comes into contact with food products in the bag. Our zipper has also added ingredients to enhance seal-ability when welding the zipper into bags, thus not having to used high temperature which may damage the print on the bags.

We also manufacture a very special zipper with a sealing layer on the outer flanges. This is for horizontal and vertical form, fill and seal machines where there is very little dwell time involved to seal the zip into the bag, so the layer ensures a quick
tack seal with lower temperatures. Our zipper comes on a spool or core in various meterage, but standard is usually 3000 meter on a spool. These spools fit most machinery around the world and is then discarded after use, where it can be milled and be compostable.

The zip tape is normally made in normal clear poly, but can also be manufactured in most colours. We can also put a special colour line in the zipper to indicate which side of the zipper is customer opening side. The product side of the zipper is extremely strong to avoid product falling from the bag or pouch if it were to be dropped.

Our zipper string is 100 % recyclable and need not end up in landfill sites, no should these products be in our environment or sea for that matter. Léts not blame a magnificent product for the mess our world is in, it’s the ignorant and lazy human who chooses to mess up our
planet. So please recycle, lets change the mindset and attitude of the people for the good of our planet and future generations to come after us.

Boezetti Packaging is able to design any profile of Zipper to suit your specific packaging. Our in-house design and manufacturing facility enables us to make your product quickly and specific to your requirements.

Our factory runs a 24 hour shift enabling high productivity enabling export around the world.